Apostol Othoniel Rios

Apostol Othoniel Rios Paredes Founder of Elim Ministries.

Apostle Dr. Othoniel Rios Paredes (1927-1998) BIOGRAPHY

PEI ELIM ministry began in the city of Guatemala in 1963 under the leadership of Dr. Othoniel Rios Paredes, prominent in the field of medicine and surgery who was supernaturally called to preach the Gospel professional, changing healing bodies by the healing of souls.

The ministry began in a small garage of a house, which housed a group of 15 people. The first temple for 300, then a second to 2,000, which was crowded before complete its construction is then built 1,972. The growth was so rapid, that the transfer of the congregation became necessary to wineries in a supermarket, achieving approximately 3,000 people gather.

In 1962 Dr. Othoniel Rios Paredes was hit by God during an evangelistic campaign. His ministry was characterized by personal experiences with God, through His Holy Spirit, who later would be the support for that doctrinal legacy of which we enjoy today.

The experience marked the beginning of the revival of the Ministry’s brother Otto, was the baptism of the Holy Spirit which happened in his living room. Tongues of the Spirit was a new experience for him which was followed by the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit in the congregation.

During worship, one by one they were showing the nine gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12: 7-10), as a confirmation to the question that was in the mind of brother Otto as to the validity for this time of baptism in the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, and the five ministries. In relation to this we must remember that there was no revelation in evangelical churches of the time regarding these aspects.

The scripture says that God is the one who gives the growth (1 Cor 3: 7), and in the case of Elim this came true, because as the brother Otto and congregation were attached to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the membership grew rapidly and every day more souls were added to the Church.

Simultaneously with the growth miracles, signs and wonders within congregations, which were undoubtedly a great blessing to those who experienced or saw up close were given. Our Apostle always taught us that signs follow those who believe, but first is the Word, and obedience to it, living a life of consecration. So you never heard flaunt the wonders that occurred in the congregation.

We know that God rewards those who love him, and this happened in the life of brother Otto. In 1982 when his sickbed, going through a tremendous ordeal in which he almost lost an arm, visited Jesus to confirm the apostolic calling.

It would be very difficult to accurately estimate the number of souls who received the Lord in the Church pastored by Dr. Rivers during the 37 years of ministry, but we are sure you are counted in tens of thousands.

God did his work through his servant in great magnitude, meeting the signs of a true apostle of the Spirit: he saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, hundreds of churches were founded in different countries of America and other continents, was begotten and discipled hundreds of ministers that the Lord has called to serve in the five ministries.

The legacy of revealed doctrine that was given to us by Dr. Rivers is plentiful, it would take many volumes to write in full what shared from the pulpit and in the different groups of pastoral studies. Much of that revelation can still bless those who have the opportunity to hear or read.

We do not give glory to men because it belongs only to God, but we can thank him for having given an Apostle who has blessed us and whose main legacy and example he left us is the love of God.

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